About Bean Growers Australia

Services & Products

Bean Growers Australia is a premium processor and marketer of speciality pulses and grains in the Australian pulse crop industry.

Since 2000, Bean Growers Australia has moved from a Grower Co-operative status to being a limited company with shareholders, the majority (95%) of which are growers (see Shareholder Info for more details).

In the past, Bean Growers Australia has been primarily focused on processing for domestic market and some marketing through Australian exporters.

Recently, the company has shifted its focus to growing domestic business, becoming a direct exporter ourselves and increasing our grower base for purchase of our major commodities. Today we have a strong focus on marketing the Bean Growers Australia brand and have increased our volume and market share significantly.

Bean Growers Australia as a company, has positioned itself as a supplier of quality, higher end pulse and grain products. We focus on consistently supplying speciality markets with machine dressed, high purity, high quality product. We aim to supply our customers with a closer link to their quality and end requirements. Bean Growers Australia is ISO 9001 and HACCP Certified.

In the supply chain, we are now able to purchase product via contract from growers and be involved in the growing of that product with growers right through to marketing either direct to Australian domestic customers or direct to overseas markets. We aim to provide our growers and grower shareholders with the opportunity to supply from their paddock to the end market (domestic/international) in the most efficient way possible.

Recent expansion has enabled us to improve our storage infrastructure, install a new automated packing line and put in place a new cleaning & grading line to increase our capacity by 50-60%. These changes have enabled Bean Growers Australia to respond quickly when markets need to be met in a timely manner Upcoming changes will enable us to produce better quality, consistent quality product more efficiently and handle product as softly and carefully as possible with up-to-date machinery and the lowest possible loss for grower.

Bean Growers Australia prides itself on being closely involved in industry activities in order to deliver the best outcomes for our grower suppliers and our customers. Our staff are involved with the Management Committee, Standards and Seeds Committee of the Australian Mungbean Association (AMA) and we are an official seed producer for the AMA. Our CEO, Lloyd Neilsen, is also on the board of Soy Australia, the national industry body for Soybeans providing Bean Growers Australia with a close link to developments in the Soybean industry in the Seed Improvement Program & international marketing.