Export Sales


Bean Growers Australia exports Mungbeans, Soybeans and Adzuki Beans to a range of countries throughout the world (see Localities). We trade in US dollars and are happy to sell on a Container, Insurance & Freight (CIF) basis or Container and Freight (C&F) to the end destination.

Bean Growers Australia has a group of agents that we work with in various countries throughout the world – please contact us to find out who our agents are in your country. We are interested in expanding our export operations and encourage you to contact us or our agent if you have export enquiries.

Typically we provide our customers with a sample of product at the start of the harvest season which, once it’s agreed to by the customer, is then the minimum quality standard that we aim to supply. We usually supply our products in 25 or 30 kilogram bags.

Our heaviest production periods tend to be from March through to September (depending on crop). The best time to contact us regarding export product is during our peak supply months of March to May.