For Growers

How do I supply my crop to Bean Growers?

  • First & foremost, make contact with us; preferably before you plant & definitely before you deliver any crops.
  • After making contact & deciding you wish to deal with us, mail/fax a completed EFT/RCTI Form immediately to our office so we can pay directly into your bank account
  • Get in touch if/when you want to discuss a contract to supply Bean Growers Australia
  • At harvest time, make arrangements for delivery (see below for more detail)

How do I arrange delivery of my crop to Bean Growers?

  • Choose the transport company you want to deliver your crop
  • Give the Bean Growers team 24 hours notice of your delivery
  • Ensure you send a Grower Vendor Declaration Form with your first load of each crop (ie. one form, per crop per season)
  • General Weighbridge Open Hours – 7.30 am – 3.30 pm (ensure you have give 24 hours notice)
  • Instruct your transport company to enter the weighbridge from Youngman St (see Get Directions).